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African Water Drilling - Water drilling

African Water Drilling Co, LTD. is licensed and bonded to provide water well drilling in the Republic of Kenya. We offer full range of services for the development of high quality water drilling. Our company uses the state of art technology and equipment to provide groundwater exploration, development, and water system rehabilitation.

We provide well construction for many different applications such as residential, irrigation and government funded wells for water districts or other commercial users. Since the creation of the company, we developed exemplary traits of experience, and knowledge to achieve optimal success in the development of high quality water system. We devote attention to details and keep customers informed throughout the process.

Although we are relatively young and growing company, we have established an excellent track record. Our directors, management, and skilled workers have turned ideas into a reality for clients. In summary, water is a natural and valuable resource that needs to be protected and developed wisely. We utilize rigid construction methods. The quality of our equipment combined with the skills and expertise of our people allowed us to provide superior services. We are committed to fulfilling projects on time, and exceeding our customer expectations, while delivering a cost effective and professional service.

"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water.”—Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)"

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