New Well Brings Clean Water to the Village of Majimboni!

New Well Brings Clean Water to the Village of Majimboni!

On the 7thJanuary 2010, the local village of Majimboni in the Shimba Hills had fresh water pumped directly to their local village. Local people today sampled for the first time water flowing from the new well located behind the Stephen Kanja School. With a population of 3000 people previously the local community would have to walk over 2 km to get fresh water. The Well, is a very welcome addition to the numerous projects which are underway in the village of Majimboni and are supported by Camps International.

Speaking at the opening of the Well, Mr Tony Cummins said, "We chose this project because we believe that it brings huge value to the village and benefits the most people. During our time here in September 09 we were touched by the wonderful people who showed such grace and kindness with the tough lives they lead. There is no running water in the village and it was often the responsibility of the children to fetch this from the local river every day. The minimum journey would take 2km and needed to be fetched before or after school - this is obviously time which could be dedicated to study, play or family time.

He continued “We are particularly grateful for the huge cooperation we got from the local community without whose help this would not have been possible. In particular I would like to thank Chief Matano who was very supportive throughout the project. This programme was a dream in September 09. In three short months it has become a reality and this is due to the cooperation of the entire community. In passing the Well over to the people of Majimboni today our vision is that the well belongs to the community, is sustained by the community and supported by local people. Today we hand over the well to the people of Majimboni, who we know will manage it well and have established a committee to take charge of the project made up of local leaders, local people, the school and other interested parties."

The Majimboni Well is part of the Mukurumuji community programme which was launched in November 2005 and is named after the river which runs through the Mukurumuji camp meaning where people meet. Majimboni is the nearest village and is situated on the edge of Shimba Hills National Reserve. Over 60% of the inhabitants in this area are living below the poverty line.

The nine people involved in fundraising for this project were: Carmel and Tony, Cathy , Nollaig, Shannon, Dave and Rhihan, Carol , Lee and Caroline.

This project was initiated by a group of 9 people who participated in a Camps Life Programme, September 2009. The well was completed in less than three months and was coordinated by Tony Cummins, an Irish Engineer from Cork. The group project managed this particular assignment with help from a local geologist and Camp Kenya staff following extensive fundraising in Ireland and the UK. The nine sponsors who spent the month of September in Majimboni, as part of a Camp Kenya Life Program, agreed on this particular project and will fundraise in excess of £10,000 stg to bring the project to conclusion.

The Well will provide clean water to the village of Majimboni. A borehole of 115 meters was drilled and water was struck. It was important that the well was deep so that in the event of drought water would still flow. African Water Drilling Company was the company responsible for delivering the project and our thanks to Abdulla and his team for completing the project in the fastest ever time from conception to completion in Kenya.

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